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Since 1977 Cool-Lux has been an innovator and leader in the development of video and film lighting products. We have consistently developed new tools to address lighting issues and embrace new technologies. This is exemplified by the Mini-Cool, which has been nominated for a Technical OSCAR, and was NASA’s choice to be the first video light in space.  Cool-Lux was acquired by PromarkBRANDS in 2006 adding an extensive line of great video lighting products to compliment our extensive offering with the increase in HD DSLR sales.


PromarkBRANDS is located in Bartlett, Illinois, about 20 miles northwest of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. In our state-of-the-art 96,000 square foot manufacturing facility we design, engineer and manufacture the Photogenic, Norman, Smith-Victor, Logan and Cool-Lux product lines. The facility also houses all sales, administrative and warehousing operations.

PromarkBRANDS photo and video products are sold primarily through retailers throughout the United States, Canada. Our dealers include independent brick-and-mortar camera stores, on-line retailers, and the catalog sales.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities are also put to work manufacturing components for other companies and in other industries. PromarkBRANDS produced parts are used in the building trades, the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, photographic and display lighting fixtures, test equipment and a computer chip manufacturer—just to name a few! 

Over the years we have established a loyal base of customers that we truly appreciate. Our corporate mission is to continue to provide the best quality products and service to our customers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Our product lines for the photo, video and audio-visual markets have always had as its predominant focus lighting and lighting accessories, but it includes a wide assortment of other helpful accessories as well, such as camera tripods and shooting tables.

Our customer service team consists of professional videographers and photographers who understand the important role lighting plays in capturing conventional and digital images. All the products we sell are backed by our customer service, our warranty and our reputation.

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