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About Cool-Lux

Since 1977, Cool-Lux has been an innovator and leader in the development of video and film lighting products. We have consistently developed new tools to address lighting issues and embrace new technologies. This is exemplified by the Mini-Cool, which was nominated for a Technical OSCAR, and NASA’s choice to be the first video light in space.  
Today, HD presents a new lighting challenge. Along with a redesigned format, HD also has greater sensitivity and an expanded tonal range. It is capable of producing more middle tones and improved shadow detail. Consequently, lighting products and techniques have had to change to meet these requirements. Cool-Lux has met this challenge by designing lights and light modifiers that can put the right amount of light where you need it. In the past, using harsh and unflattering light was standard procedure. Now you can use softer more subtle lighting techniques to maximize tonal values, control contrast and add realism. With Cool-Lux you can creatively complement existing light without overpowering it.

With the advent of High Definition DSLRs (HD DSLRs), still photographers now have the ability to capture high definition motion-video using a digital SLR.  This exciting new technology opens up a whole new world of opportunities for photographers and videographers alike.  Cool-Lux on-camera lights are the ideal solution for the HD DSLR Revolution!

Whether you’re shooting SD, HD or HD DSLR, and whether your video lighting requirements are in the studio, on location, on or off camera, Cool-Lux has the right equipment to fit the job.
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